Combi Bin Washing are proud to be agents & distributors throughout Australia & New Zealand for Longo Bin Washing Trucks.
Industry leaders in advanced engineering and technology.

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Available for short and long term hire.
Combi Bin Washing Trucks offer Councils and Contractors
effective cleaning and disinfecting of various bin types.

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Autonomous Cleaning System

Silent and Fast

The system features a washing chamber entirely lined in aluminium or stainless steel. Moving nozzles ensure a uniform and effective cleaning both inside and outside and an independent system for disinfecting bins.

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Exterior Washing System
Rack with nozzles Fixed
Washing room Aluminium coated
Dirty Water Collection Tank
Capacity 5000lt
Refuse discharge door 1470x250mm
Dirty water regeneration pump Centrifuge
Clean water load system Hydrant linkage UNI 70-45
Dirty water unloading system Manual fall 3″
Washing Characteristics
Water quantity for internal washing 21 adjustable litres
Water quantity for external washing 10 adjustable litres
Internal washing time 15 adjustable seconds
Intake Device
Intake for skip DIN 660-100
Skip anti-fall device Mechanic
Driving gear of anti-fall device Gravity
Containers linkage 120/240/360
Driving gear of device for containers Automatic in rotation
Containers washing head Rotating
Skips Disinfectant Automatic
Street washing bar Not scheduled
Reel with 20 meters of tube 1/2″ Manual